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Just Google It

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I love this meme. You know that feeling when someone ask you a questions that you know they can find an answer to in 3 minutes on Google? But, no, they want your 3 minutes it’ll take you to find the answer for them and then they want you to put it neatly into an email or whatnot communication form to deliver them an answer still warm and fluffy.

There are at least 2 services for people who come across those other people who can’t use or can’t be bothered to use Google. If you want to be somewhat polite and ‘educational’ you can use Let Me Google That For You, which creates a walk through Google search session. If you want to take it a notch higher, you can use Just Fucking Google It. The site is a display about using Google or rather how stupid it is not to be using it.

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Jeff Vader

I saw this last night and thought I’d share a little joy…ladies and gentlemen – Eddie Izzard and the Death Star Canteen!

Santa vs. God


I just saw this at Unreasonable Faith, an atheist blog that’s actually quite fun to read. Since this kind of goes into the Christmas theme, Merry Christmas everyone!



I was first intrigued by octopi when I read ‘The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2004′, which offered a deliciously funny introduction into octopus life. I was recently reminded of how interesting these creatures are by multiple news flashes about Otto the Octopus, which lives at the Sea Star Aquarium in Coburg, Germany. It all started with a series of mysterious blackouts at the aquarium that brought electricians to their knees and resulted in their decision to take turns sleeping at the aquarium to figure out what was happening.  Otto was happening. The aquarium staff think that Otto had been annoyed by the bright light shining into his aquarium or simply bored and started busting the light by climbing onto the rim of his tank and squirting streams of water at it. More recent news claim that Otto’s been so bored by the lack of people at the aquarium (closed for the winter season) that he started juggling crabs in his arms. Otto’s been featured in the Telegraph and numerous blogs as well as being included on YouTube videos and Facebook through a fan group and page. I’m definitely a fan!

Le Grand Content

Le Grand Content is a short film by Clemens Kogler together and Karo Szmit. The animation is based on the ubiqitous slideshow format of presenting just about everything today. Enjoy!

Silent sigh

I found this blog just a couple of days ago and it is not just touching and, but also makes me think of how much masked feelings we may all carry every day. The illustrations are simple and to the point, expressing much more than one would expect. The author of the blog is Andre Jordan and his illustrations were recently included in the BBC Ouch! disablity campaign.

Just another day in London

The lightbulb quagmire

I always wondered why people write blogs about their personal lives, but at this point in my life I have to do the same. My relationship with the lightbulb industry is escalating into a never-ending game of bait and trick. Perhaps for most people it’s all very ‘duh’, but I find lightbulbs to be one of the most complicated things to purchase these days. Are lightbulbs not the only element of the household you have to buy with a reference code in your head? I recently got a desk lamp for my room and managed to buy 5 lightbulbs of the wrong kind. Once I did buy the correct one, it was of course already broken when coming out of the box. Why are there three different ways to insert them, different widths, not to mention the shapes and shades they come in? Do we need a lightbulb revolution?

Another catch today

Eat Dog Cat Mouse

I saw this last night at Short & Sweet. The creator is Kwok Fung Lam. Enjoy!

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