Email goes feed

Fluent looks closer to the ‘future of email’ than I’ve seen in a while. Built by a a few ex-Googlers, it turns email from a list into a more newsfeedy interface. Looking forward to try this one.


True contactless = Pay with Square

Square has been at the forefront of financial services innovation wave. Aside from their dongles that allow just about anyone to take card payments, they’ve recently come out with a very slick solution called Pay with Square. The solution feels like a solid evolution of the over-awaited mobile wallet generation. Not only does it rid the merchants and the end users of the need to have an NFC-compatible device, but also enhances the transaction security though using photo ID instead of pins or signatures. The way it achieves this is by employing geofencing that alerts the merchants of the customers’ presences whenever they come within close range of the store, thus ridding the customers of needing to use their phones or cards whilst shopping.

Unroll Me

I can’t count how many times I’ve looked for the ‘unsubscribe’ button in the emails that somehow wind up in my inbox. Well, once I get an invite from this bunny, things should hopefully get a bit easier. Unroll.Me is an email unsubscribe engine that crawls through your inbox and pulls up a list of your subscriptions allowing you to choose which one to keep and which ones to unsubscribe from. After you press unsubscribe, they will take care of the rest.

Handing over my email login comes with a twitch, but much like with Greplin and FollowUpThen, I’m willing to chance it to make my life that bit easier.

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Social gift


Super nifty idea that allows you to ‘kickstart’ collective gifts for your friends via Facebook. You can nominate and choose a gift collectively, track the chipping-in progress and collectively give bigger, more meaningful gifts. This is super clever though I wish it was possible to rally for gifts for someone from their own friends (that you may not be connected with) rather than just those you have in common.

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