Home sweet home

And so I’m back, back from beyond it seems. Feels just great to be back, though I’ve got to say I had a blast throughout the past month. I want to say thank you to everyone who made my stay in the U.S. what it was – there was no way of me getting the texture of experience I got without my dear friends and family over yonder!

Budapest is great and it feels more lively than when I left it. The winter is nowhere to be seen and everyone seems to be getting a hell of a kick of what may be the global warming in central Europe. Well, bad as some say it may be in 50 years, for now I’m loving it!

Things are back to normal – I’m back to work, people still stand all over Hungarian metro escalators, and Russia is doing its gas-cutting charades. I spent last September and love Russia more than I should probably, but I’ve still got to say that country does not seem to ever cease feeding the world with more and more nonsense. I loved the title of an article in the latest Economist about Putin and the next election – ‘Eanie meany miney me’…

By the way, all these pictures are from my trip to Russia, not Budapest.


2 thoughts on “Home sweet home”

  1. It was really great to hang out and chat with you over the holidays. I’m glad you guys made it home safely. Can’t wait to see ya’ll again!

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