6 billion Others

It periodically blows my mind to realise how deeply similar everyone is and to what degree we all seek the same in our lives, our days, our occupations, friends and lovers. The one coherent mass that seems to disagree with the idea for the sake of being textured; a swarm of fish, combination of seeds spilled on the ground, the racing microbes in our bodies.

Fifty People One Question is a project that started with a simple idea. ‘ ‘Go to a place. Ask fifty people the same question. Film their responses.’ Created by Crush & Lovely, a creative studio based in New York City and San Francisco and Deltree, a New Orleans-based production company led by Benjamin Reece, a talented young director and creator of the original ‘Fifty People, One Question’ video. So far a collection of just four videos available on Vimeo take you to New York, New Orleans and London and reflect the filmed communities by asking them two simple yet meaningful questions about their lives and dreams.


Another project, though of a larger scale is 6 billion Others by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, which attempts to draw a portrait of mankind by asking meaningful questions to people around the globe. With 4,500 hours of footage filmed by 6,000 interviewees in 65 different countries, 6 billion Others is largely available to online with altogether 450 hours of translated and subtitled footage.

Nowadays we’re surrounded by amazing communication tools, you can see everything, know everything, and the sheer bulk of information out there has never been so huge. What’s ironic in that in reality we know so little about our actual neighbors. The only way we can move forward is to move towards are fellow men.


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