I have written before about the sharp contrast between the speed of digital innovation and the speed of educating the public on the advantages it brings. Digitall is an initiative based on one to one digital mentoring that supports people over 45 in gaining more knowledge about computers and the net. The mentors are volunteers between 18 and 25 and meet the mentees  for 1 -2 hours a week for up to twelve weeks at selected IT centres. Although one of the aims of the program is to bring generations closer together, I don’t really understand why they don’t allow people over 25 to participate; one would think they’d only get more volunteers if they were more flexible on the age issues.

Digitall is a part of a larger network of mentoring and volunteering initiatives called TimeBank. TimeBank acts as an umbrella organisation connecting charities, volunteering, business and mentoring initiatives. Opportunities range from community projects to refugee, drug addicts and child support. If you don’t know what you’d like to do or try to do, you can just register, tell TimeBank about your interests and they promise to inspire you with relevant opportunities.