Walking in My Mind


In case you’re worried about not being able to see Walking in My Mind, it is still on and will be on till the 6th of September. The exhibition is a good combination of artists whose aim was to express their mindscapes as tangibly as possible. Walking in My Mind really does in parts feel like walking through others’ minds, dreams and fantasies.

The thing that struck me the most perhaps was Keith Tyson’s work. Though I can’t say I was impressed with his visuals, I really enjoyed his writings. I particularly remember a text from February 2004 that was written over a window of rain and talked of a night where pain transformed into joy as a spectacle of a rainy London evening passed.


A handful of other works I remember include a somewhat suffocating web of wool strings resembling a forest surrounding two ghost-like figures, a brain-like structure you can walk through and the famous red polka dot room that is by now the icon of the exhibition. You can also find a small house by Yoshitomo Nara and a room that has a playful, if surrealist installation of sound and floating body parts.

All in all, bits of Walking in My Mind are definitely worth seeing. On Fridays you can also get a 2 for 1 deal on the exhibition site, which can come in handy 🙂


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