Thru you

Though most of you probably already know him, I want to spread some love for Thru you. Thru you is an artist of his own kind – he composes his music by laying over amateur music videos on YouTube. With some cutting and mixing he manages to create his own tracks and impressive collages of the various people sometimes unknowingly participating in his creations.

The first video is still one of my favourite ones, but his most famous video is probably this one:

[Via Pablo]


One thought on “Thru you”

  1. You Tube held last October 21, the biennial of creative video, at Guggenheim Museum (New York).
    More than 23 000 participants for 25 selected for the ceremony. Among these, I just discovered that Kutiman was selected.

    For this occasion, the author of You Tru introduced a song with a new concept.
    Indeed, the artist did not merely, as before, “groom” videos of musicians found on Internet. His mix was supplemented by a live session. There are 7 string instruments (led by a conductor) to interpret Hungarian Dance No. 5 Brahms (albeit somewhat altered).

    This interaction of videos and live session with such a resounding success. Kutiman plans to develop the concept.

    I allowed myself to post this message. When I seeing this video, I remembered your article. I must say, it’s in your blog that I discovered his work.

    The example of Kutiman’s work shows that increasingly today, the internet support is an inspiration, a platform for meeting and creativity and finally an alternative distribution.

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