There is good service on the Amazon line

Picture 2

I’ve always had good experiences with Amazon. Things are usually delivered on time, sold at rates cheaper than in brick and mortar spots, not to mention the fact that you can read customer reviews and compare your purchases to recommended alternative options .

Amazon is also the only brand I know that also doesn’t make you wait in a queue to answer your call. What’s even neater, once you did chat to them they send you an email with a summary of the problem discussed, a suggested solution and a link to online help resources. Yesterday I called them a couple of times to try to change the speed of my delivery, but it was too late in the process. Irritating, but fair enough. Still, just this morning I got an email from them saying that after all they managed to change the delivery speed, that they’re sorry for not being able to do so yesterday and that they won’t charge me a penny extra for it.

As such, I’m now officially waiting for my Canon G11. I’ve been camera-less for a while and I’m very excited to be going back into the world of photography this autumn.


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