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La la la

I know I’ve been writing about customer service and bureaucracy for two posts straight, but I can’t help myself from telling you how the Amazon story ended. After another call and another 24 hours they sent an email saying this:

‘Thank you for writing to us at Amazon.com.

I have reviewed this order and the item you returned and found that you are indeed due a refund in the form of a gift certificate for $89.99.

I apologize for the delay in processing this for you. You should
receive a gift certificate at your e-mail address in the next 3-5
business days. Please note that because this was due to our error,
we will not cancel the refund that was already requested to the
purchaser’s account.We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter, and look forward to seeing you again at Amazon.com.’

So not only are have they issued a gift credit to me, and not withdraw the refund they’ve given to my friend, but also, acknowledged that the coffee machine gift has been returned to them. Well, the box with the coffee machine is still sitting in our kitchen. So, not only do I get a coffee machine, a 90 dollar gift credit at Amazon, but my friend also gets a 90 dollar refund for the gift! It must be Christmas.

Happy New Year!

Keep walking

Of course Amazon never called back within the next hour (as they said) or day for the matter. I’ll just have to re-tell my story to yet another person on the phone tomorrow. Can’t wait!

As yet another thing to boggle my mind, I finally got my new credit card for which I registered last week. My trip to the bank was short, but not because things were straightforward. The lady at the desk saw my passport and said she wasn’t familiar with my passport and so asked if I had a Texas ID (which I don’t have since I’m not an American citizen…). To continue the registration she took my name reading it out from my passport and somehow came up with Pamela Melinda for Paulina Marta. Once I corrected that and she printed the final documents my name was still Paulina Maria, so I retured the documents and pointed it out. Well, I got the letter with the card today and Paulina Maria it is!

Through Amazon we go

You know, not many things in this world upset me to the point of wanting to jump out the window, but when I get on the phone with a person working for customer service, yet not knowing anything about it and speaking in an unfamiliar accent – well, that just about does it for me. And I sit there on the phone wondering – is what I’m saying unclear, is it my English, or is it just the people on the other end of the line not having a clue about what they’re doing?

Two weeks ago, when flying from NY to DC, my grandfather-in-law calls Delta to find out what’s happening to my flight – ‘the plane arrived on time, sir’. This man is 81, waiting at an airport, and they’re holding me on tarmac for 4.5 hours to get me into DC 8 hours late. No information anywhere – the flight ran smoothly according to all systems except that one thing was missing – the plane itself. In fact, not a single airplane had landed in DC or any other airport in that state that morning – the fog just wouldn’t go away.

Today I attempted to return a Christmas gift, which was purchased through Amazon. I tape up the box, put the relevant stickers on, read the online returns policy and get ready to go. Before dropping it off I call the returns centre to make clear where the refund should go and that the person who purchased the gift should not be informed. Half an hour later I get an email from the friend who got the gift with an Amazon email to her ‘your account has been credited with the return refund’. And so it goes, I’m still waiting for them to call me back – they’re ‘investigating’…