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iLingual is a recent app produced by the Lean Mean Fighting Machine for the Emirates airlines. The app is smart, simple, useful and entertaining all in one and that is something rare to come by. It works by taking a shot of your mouth and then implanting it onto your phone for it to speak for you in other languages. Sounds crazy? Check it out below. So far it comes in English, French and German and I’ll definitely try it out this weekend.

I’ve experimented with many a language-teaching apps that offers services from vocabulary and grammar exercises to complex dictionaries and audio support. If you can’t be bothered with any of that and want a quick fix that might get some smiles, you might want to check this one out.

Experience is the product

Innovation can have roughly 3 purposes: technological progress, monetary profits and creating something useful or engaging for people. To me, the people-centric view has always been the most important in my perception of design and new technologies. Still, design and  marketing often feel as though they are enveloped in their own little realms. Their innovation focuses too much on the first two of the 3 purposes, in other words on the product or service itself rather than how it can be useful or engaging to users. The end connection with people is crucial for any service or product, otherwise it may as well not exist or will simply die by natural death of being outsmarted competitors. Peter Merholz from Adaptive Path presents ‘Experience is the product’ that shows how technology and feature development are merely the first 2 steps to success:



For those still faithful to good old Firefox, Add-Art can offer some escape from banner advertising. The new plug-in simply replaces ads with a curated selection of art images. I’ve always liked the idea of blocking ads, but then replacing them with art seems like a whole new ball game that gives navigating sites an element of going through an art gallery. The project will be supported by an small website providing information on the current artists and curator, along with a schedule of past and upcoming Add-Art shows. The selection will change every 2 weeks and will include 5-8 artists selected by emerging and established curators. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the current selection, but the idea itself has a lot of potential. Below you’ll find a little video about the works of Add-Art:

Free love


With recession looming over most of the fun parts of life, Londoners are becoming increasinglycreative in finding ways of  having fun that doesn’t cost much or is plain free. I just found a post at the Londonist showing a one-a-day list of events for the coming week. At London Is Free you will find a comprehensive guide to most of the free fun cultural events going on in our expensive capital. From Short&Sweet film screenings to knitting sessions, pretty much anyone will be able to find something up their alley. Among other establishments offering special entry discounts are the Arcola theatre with their Pay-What-You-Can Tuesday nights and Sadler’s Wells with their £5-£10 Sampled ticket scheme. Free love as such is an increasingly popular way of businesses attracting new clientele and creating better relationships with their existing customers. No more excuses for staying home these days!

Image courtesy of Feministing.