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Joys To Go


We all know that mobile is changing very quickly, but we might be forgetting that the very nature of service providers is changing too. One reason for which I wanted to get an iPhone was to use Skype or whatnot other app that would allow me to avoid international phone call charges. I’ve always been quite happy with O2, but now that I’ve bundled it with Skype To Go services, my love is growing. I’ve known that these things were out there before, but somehow getting an iPhone rather than researching the market seemed like an answer to my international calling troubles.

The two main providers of re-routing services  I’ve looked at are Skype To Go and Rebtel. I think both are very good, if a little different on the way of assigning international numbers. The works are roughly this: in case of Rebtel, you get a local number for every  international phone number you want to call; in case of Skype, you get an single local number that re-routes you to international calls.  Now to be honest, I’m not sure how these call re-routing services actually work, but they are quite amazing. If you call mobile phones, it gets a wee bit more expensive, but if you’re calling landlines it starts at 1.4 pence a minute. And if you want to go with Rebtel and do another trick they offer called something like callback, you can actually talk for free. For me this roughly means never ever getting on my laptop to make an audio call.

All this skips your regular phone service provider. The only thing the calls cost you is your free minutes or if you’re on a plan, or if you’re on pay as you go you pay a regular local landline rate. My £20 O2 monthly plan gives me unlimited landline calls, which means that if I call my family back home on their landline the only cost is the 1.4 pence a minute. Which rocks. Rebtel has the same rate and I like it as well, but when I went on the site, it flat our refused to take my money about 4 times. I realise that this post is relevant only to those of you who don’t have an iPhone and care to make international phone calls, but heck, I’m an excited non-iPhone international caller.