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Suspended animation

Suspended animation is a beautiful term in itself, but it’s far off from eye candy topic-wise if that’s what you’re after. Mark Roth presents what might become another step in medical treatment, which today sounds like science fiction but is actually much closer to reality than we think. The first time I heard about suspended animation was back in 2009 through another TED talk by Peter Ward and earth’s mass extinctions and sure hope that I’ll be hearing about it more often from now.

Bottom line, suspended animation can be induced by temperature or hydrogen sulfide, which reduce the organisms’ need for oxygen and in some cases allow them to be brought back to life without harm. Think mammals turned reptiles, as reptiles can withstand conditions of low temperatures and oxygen access that put mammals out of whack. Think being able to inject heavily injured people with liquid hydrogen sulfide to operate on them a day later when they can get to a hospital.

Digital Governance


After the Iran – Twitter showdown, we’ve heard all about the role of new media in enabling political change around the world. What intrigues me further is what seems to be an active engagement with digital media of politicians and governments in the UK and the US.  We’ve also witnessed Obama’s campaign embracing new media in a way never seen before. Digital Britian (pdf file) is a conscious step in the UK to immerse it in more digital participation while Gordon Brown claims that ‘tech has changed foreign policy’ and it’s  one of the few times this has been said publicly by a member of a government. What will be the next steps in this trend? Will the new media enhance what democracy is meant to be about in its purest sense of participation?

A new biosphere environment

Inspiring talk by Jane Poynter about a 2 year experiment of creating a new sealed biosphere that served as an environment for people to live in. The talk brings ideas about sustainablity on Earth today and other possible environments, because ultimately one day, we might just need to build new environments or move to other planets if the Earth becomes inhabitable. Enjoy!

When Twitter Does Make Sense

Apart from the live news reportage usage of Twitter, I haven’t been seeing it as as much of a world-changing tool as some people around me do. Many digital things including Twitter happen when they become either playful or useful. The former case would be the by now semi-famous Baker Tweet, a tool designed by POKE to let them know when the hot buns are coming out of the ovens from the bakery across from their office. This win-win-win project has given regulars from the area the ability to know when edible bread is available, increased the sales of Albion, the bakery involved in the Twitter project, and given POKE extra publicity.

A case of a useful tool connected to Twitter has been recently created by Energy Circle, a company that sells energy-saving products and has created a new energy-monitoring system that sends home energy usage stats to Twitter. The system uses an energy measuring device called TED to create Google Visualization enabled charts that are then tweeted to everyone involved. Google itself has been working on a similar project, but it’s still in it’s non-practical stages. The designer’s family has been using the device for six months and claim that they’ve since managed to lower their energy use by 15%.

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